New Members Sunday

Have you just recently been attending Colborne Street United Church?

Do you enjoy being part of this faith family?

Do you enjoy worshiping with this congregation?

and have you already begun making friends?

If this is the case, then have you ever considered becoming a member of the congregation in a more formal way?

Rev. Frank and everyone else in the congregation would like you to answer “Yes!” to this question.

On Sunday, January 29, we would like to celebrate a “New Members Sunday.” That’s just weeks from today, giving you the opportunity to join our faith family either through transfer of membership from another church, or by way of baptism, or through re-affirmation of your Christian faith.

If you are interested in learning more about baptism, membership, re-affirmation of faith and all the wonderful experiences that result from it, please contact Rev. Frank by phone, email, or the old-fashioned way of just tapping him on the shoulder. He promises to do his best to answer all your questions. And start feeling wonderful about what you are about to do!