As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the Government of Ontario and local health authorities to contain the spread of the virus, the Local Outreach Committee suspended its various community activities in March 2020.

The Committee’s mandate, which is to support the London community on behalf of Colborne Street United Church (Colborne), is returning to certain of its activities as health restrictions and health safety protocols are relaxed.  

The Committee supports and contributes to such organizations as, the London Food Bank, London Chaplaincy, Ark Aid, Life Spin, Anova,  Merrymount Family Support and Child Crisis Centre, Rotholme Women’s and Family Shelter of Mission Services, Children’s Aid Society, Northbrae Public School, Indwell (London affordable housing), Growing Chefs Ontario! Society and The Caring Cupboard established to provide grocery supplies to seniors in community housing. We also participate in Northern Hospitality, serving meals on a Monday each month from September to May for anyone in need of a nutritious meal.  See “Northern Hospitality” on this website for more information

These support initiatives are made possible by the generous contributions of Colborne’s congregation, by our annual Victoria Park summer events’ parking lot fundraising (when available), and by the dedication and commitment of the Committee’s members and the congregation. These on-going commitments enable us to continue with the Committee’s initiatives.​

The majority of the events at Victoria Park that were to be held during the summers of 2020 and 2021, were cancelled so there was no opportunity to participate in our annual parking lot fundraising initiative.  

The 2020 annual Christmas Party and gift giving that the Committee organizes for the junior kindergarten and kindergarten classes at Northbrae Public School, was also cancelled. It will again be cancelled in 2021 as the school continues to be under restrictions.

Each year, Colborne holds a White Gift Sunday when the congregation donates toys, new clothing items, toiletries, gift cards and cash which are divided up and distributed to a number of the organizations we support.  As well, a Mitten Tree is erected inside the Sanctuary where gloves, scarves, and hats knitted by members of the Congregation, are placed and are distributed in January of each year, to agencies who are in need of such items.

In 2020 White Gift Sunday was cancelled as Colborne was closed because of the pandemic and agencies were not accepting these types of donations.  The knitted items were needed and were accepted by London Chaplaincy and the Children’s Aid Society.  We anticipate a return of White Gift Sunday in 2021.

In November, 2020 we held a Reverse Advent Calendar event.  The Congregation donated one non-perishable grocery item each day from December 1st to 24th, in place of receiving a reward when opening the little box each day on an Advent Calendar.  The donations which were delivered to Colborne’s parking lot, amounted to 860 lbs (391 kg), and were given to the London Food Bank.