Something to consider…

Humour is a funny thing — no pun intended. It varies from person to person. What some people might find funny, others might find offensive. It can often be difficult to gauge how people may perceive a passing joke. And it doesn’t even have to be a joke. It can be simply a comment, a few sentences strung together to make a certain point.

The other day I received a joke via email that I found particularly offensive, and it made me think how careful we must be about the jokes and comments we make, so we don’t end up offending someone or hurting someone’s feelings. The joke I received and some comments that went with it were about Muslims.

Personally, I feel that I’ve always had a pretty good sense of humor. I’ve always had a high tolerance for taking jokes and I’m also apt to make them. But when it comes to race, religion, ethnicity, and sexuality, I am doubly careful not to offend. In fact, I have stopped telling such jokes entirely, only because it is so easy to offend and propagate stereotypes. Lord knows we don’t need any more of that in this divided, intolerant, and too often nasty world of ours.

And so, I encourage us all to be extra careful. Let’s all be careful when we joke or comment. Always let’s look for ways to honour and empower people who are different than us, not tear them down. Let the jokes we tell be on us, not on them!


May God’s peace be with you!